Microsoft shows off Xbox One dashboard and multitasking in new video

Microsoft focused on big name games in its “Invitation” ad last week and now it’s turning its attention to the Xbox One’s entertainment and multitasking abilities. In a video entitled “Meet Xbox One,” the company highlights the console’s dashboard but also its Kinect integration, demonstrating switching between games, videos, TV and apps like Internet Explorer and Skype simple “Xbox” voice commands. We see a user jumping between a movie and the Xbox One exclusive, Titanfall, then recording and sharing some in-game footage before switching to the console’s TV app. Kinect functionality may have been limited on the Xbox 360, but new voice commands can apparently achieve some complicated tasks — such as snapping an app into split-screen mode — with greater ease than regular Windows 8 swipes or keyboard shortcuts. Then again, it’s a publicity video that looks to have had some rough edges smoothed off, so we’ll have to wait until next month to see if the reality matches Microsoft’s vision.

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