This drone footage showing the aftermath of a fire is so heartbreaking

A fire in Valparaíso, Chile has destroyed more than 2,500 homes, left 11,000 people homeless and killed at least 15 people. It’s an unfathomable tragedy that has destroyed an entire community. This drone footage from Skyfilms attempts to show the extent of the damage caused by the fire’s wrath. It looks like a set of an apocalyptic movie, only it’s real people and real lives on the ground.

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It looks like the iPhone 5s isn’t the only smartphone whose fingerprint reader can be fooled by fake digits. SR Labs has just posted a video (shown below) showing that Samsung’s just-launched Galaxy S5 is susceptible to the same trick: as long as you…

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A new technology called LiFi can transfer data using LED lights. In this video, we’ll watch a demo of a LiFi system made with off-the-shelf-parts, as it streams a vide.

Unlike traditional Wi-Fi routers, which use radio signals, this LiFi system relies on light to send and receive data wirelessly. If you notice an Ethernet cable plugged into the laptops that’s just to get the data from the receiver into the computer.

The problem with Wi-Fi is that it uses radio signals and the amount of radio spectrum is limited. LiFi, however, could be deployed in everyday LED bulbs and cover the entire interior of a home or office. The system on show ran at 150 Mbps, but with a more powerful LED light, it could reach 3.5 Gbps.

Don’t expect LiFi to be in your home or office any time soon. Researchers ay it will take another five years before the technology is ready for commercialization.

Nick Barber , IDG News Service

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MMAFrenzy’s coverage of tonight’s midweek UFC action rolls along with our UFC Fight Night 31: Fight for the Troops 3 play-by-play of tonight’s FS1 main card. Be sure to stay tuned to MMAFrenzy for the latest updates from tonight’s action in Fort Campbell, Kentucky from the main card opener through tonight’s main event between Tim Kennedy and Rafael Natal.

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Be sure to check back and refresh often tonight beginning at 7PM ET for our UFC Fight Night 31: Fight for the Troops 3 play-by-play. Also make sure to check out our additional coverage of tonight’s action at the home of the 101 Airborne Division.

UFN 31: Fight for the Troops 3 Play-by-Play:

Michael Chiesa vs. Colton Smith

Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Smith is working the kicks early in their fight but Smith is defending well. Chiesa with a combo and Smith locks a body lock and uses a snatch and return to get the fight to the ground. Gorgeous sweep by Chiesa and he takes Smith’s back. Chiesa has the body triangle and he is digging for the RNC finish. Smith is fending it off correctly though and he reverses position after forcing a scramble. Chiesa stands but Smith takes him back down and takes Chiesa’s back. Standing RNC attempt by Smith. Chiesa tries to slam his way out in desperation and it does break the hold. Smith reestablishes position works a power half to control Chiesa’s position. Chiesa escapes, but neither fighter lands again as the crowd counts it down. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Smith.

Rd. 2- Fighters both start aggressively and Chiesa misses a trip. Combo by Smith. Hard left lands from Chiesa but Smith lands a body lock against the cage. Gorgeous throw by Chiesa stuns Smith and he immediately takes Smith’s back and sinks in a fight-ending choke.

Michael Chiesa def. Colton Smith via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:41 of Round 2

Rustam Khabilov vs. Jorge Masvidal

Rd. 1- Big overhand right from Khabilov to start the action. Another right by Khabilov counters Masvidal and he lands another combo coming forward. Legkick by Masvidal. Another right by Khabilov. Body kick by the Dagestani. Step-in back elbow by Khabilov. Nice jab by Masvidal and he eats a combo on the return. Khabilov ducks a punch and works a takedown but Masvidal defends and lands a body kick. Another good body kick by Masvidal and he lands a flying knee but is taken down and uses the hand down to prevent knees to the head. Masividal connects on a pair of knees on the break. Flying knee by Masvidal. Kick by Khabilov is caught but he recovers. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Masvidal.

Rd. 2- Khabilov is aggressive to start the round. Left hook by Khabilov and he lands a counter right as Masvidal returns fire. Legkick by Masvidal. Body to overhand right by Khabilov and Masvidal with a jab. Hard knee by Masvidal as Khabilov clinches and he works out. Left to the body by Masvidal. Khabilov is over shooting with his right now. Clinch by both men and Masvidal has control as he lands some knees. Hard combo by Khabilov on the break and Masvidal lands a trip as they clinch. Volley of elbows by Masvidal but Khabilov works back up. Khabilov with his own takedown but Masvidal plays the game to work back up and then uses a reshot to escape. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Masvidal (20-18).

Rd. 3- Khabilov using more kicks now and he lands some hooks as well. Nice right by Masvidal. Spinning back headkick by Khabilov floors Masvidal! Khabilov pounces and takes his back. Masvidal escapes and tries a takedown of his own that Khabilov defends. Khabilov tries a no hooks choke but doesn’t get it. Masvidal is coming forward but Khabilov is still landing. Both men are tired. Masvidal with a single but he gives it up and throws a knee to the body. Masividal trips Khabilov but he escapes. Overhand rights by Khabilov with under 90-ticks left. Masvidal tries the spinning kick and is taken down. Masvidal uses a Granby roll to escape and Khabilov clinches. Masvidal tries a takedown but Khabilov stuffs it and he just starts pounding the body before Masvidal stands. Both men are exhausted as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Khabilov but the fight 29-28 Masvidal. Could go either way though.

Rustam Khabilov def. Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision (30-27,29-28,30-27)

Ronny Markes vs. Yoel Romero

Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Legkicks by both men to start the fight. Body kick by Markes. Markes catches a kick and scores a takedown but Romero works right back up. Hard left by Romero lands and he lands another combo off a break. Romero slips on kick and and Markes tries to dive in but Romero is gone when he gets there. Nice combo by Romero. Markes with a clinch after taking a punch and he secures a trip takedown. Markes tries use a kimura but Romero explodes out and escapes. Romero with a hard left on the escape too. Another hard left off a feint by Romero. Romero tries a takedown after a legkick and slips off. MMAFrenzy has the opening round 10-9 Romero.

Rd. 2-

Rd. 3-

Liz Carmouche vs. Alexis Davis

Rd. 1-

Rd. 2-

Rd. 3-

Tim Kennedy vs. Rafael Natal

Rd. 1-

Rd. 2-

Rd. 3-

Rd. 4-

Rd. 5-

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United joins American, Delta and JetBlue by allowing electronics use during takeoff, landing

Travelers on Delta and JetBlue said goodbye to switching their mobile devices off during takeoff and landing just hours after the FAA changed its regulations, and now other airlines have joined the party. American Airlines announced a couple of days ago that the FAA had cleared its flights for the new rules, and United made a similar announcement this afternoon. While larger items like laptops will still need to be stowed at certain points in your journey, the FAA’s decision means handheld personal devices like most phones, tablets, e-readers and portable games stay on. There are a few exceptions of course, and in-flight voice calls are still a no-no, but at least you can finally leave those magazines and newspapers at the gate.

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I Pity The Fool Who Resurrected Silk Road

If there’s one thing cops don’t like, it’s being disrespected. So when some renegade launches a clone of Silk Road, the underground drug marketplace that Feds recently shut down, they’re just begging to get arrested. They even made the homepage a spoof of an FBI-seized domain. That’s disrespectful!

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Ouch! Kelly Osbourne is in the middle of getting an arm tattoo removed — and the process looks painful! The Fashion Police co-host shared a video of her first laser appointment via Instagram on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

PHOTOS: Celebs’ weird body art

“I did the crime I am now doing the time! #NoPainNoGain!” the 29-year-old wrote. Alongside the caption, Osbourne shared a short clip of her body art getting removed. The tattoo — a colorful rendering of a keyboard — is seen getting zapped from her right arm. Though Osbourne’s face isn’t shown, she can be heard getting a bit squeamish in the background.

PHOTOS: Kelly’s amazing body transformation

Earlier in the day, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s daughter shared about the impending removal. “Not looking forward to this afternoon…I’m getting my first tattoo removal!” she wrote. “Its going to burn like the snap of 1000 rubber bands!”

PHOTOS: Stars gone from hot mess to hotness!

In October 2010, Osbourne — engaged to boyfriend Matthew Mosshart since July — revealed to British magazine Closer that she was planning to remove most of her 15 tattoos. “I met with my dermatologist and I’ll start the laser treatment as soon as I have time,” she wrote in her weekly column for the mag. “It will take several months, and while I’m not looking forward to the pain, I’ve heard it hurts less than getting the tattoo.”

Kelly Osbourne starts the process of getting her keyboard arm tattoo removed

Kelly Osbourne starts the process of getting her keyboard arm tattoo removed
Credit: Courtesy of Kelly Osbourne

In 2009, she also talked about why she got so many tattoos in the first place, and how the keyboard tattoo in particular doesn’t make any sense to her anymore. “I was miserable and I just went and got all these tattoos and I don’t know why. One of them is a keyboard and I don’t even know how to play a piano!” Osbourne explained on the British talk show This Morning.

She added: “As you get older, you realize that you don’t want to be defined by your tattoos, because that’s not the type of person that I am.”

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